I help you overcome the fear and anxiety surrounding your health so you can take back your health and be there for your family

When you have the data from your own body you no longer fear the unknown.

You are not getting what you need from Doctors because most Doctors don't know!!  Why are you not being taught how to stay healthy?

If you got what you needed from your Doctor you wouldn't even be reading this right now.  Chances are, you at least have a general idea of how you think you "should" eat.  And you could probably exercise more if you wanted to. You just aren't doing it.  And you are NOT alone... The diet industry has a 95% fail rate. We are seeing increases in Diabetes, Weight Gain, Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer.  Pretty staggering, right? Especially considering these chronic diseases are preventable with education and correct habits.  These preventable diseases make us feel insecure, ashamed, fearful and holds us back from showing up FULLY in our lives.

It's not that we don't want to feel confident, empowered and bold 😉 in our own skin.  It's that we don't know how to do it without guessing and wondering who and what information to trust.  It's NOT your fault. 

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I can't believe how just in a short amount of time you have captured my medical needs and responded in lightening speed.  You don't even know how that has mentally lifted so much burden off my mind and it has impacted me physically by empowering me to have hope, start exercising again, eat healthier and move forward instead of giving up.  You are a GREAT DOCTOR in all aspects.  Thank you for caring on quality.

M.C., Pharmacy ~ San Diego, CA


 We've reached a point of success in our lives where we have people that depend on us such as children, spouses, partners, employees, friends and parents.  You take care of them but who looks out for you?  It's time for self love and for you to take the same care and attention you give to others and apply this loving focus to yourself.  Where would you be and the ones you love if something happened to your health?  Health is about the freedom to express yourself fully in your body and mind while loving and nurturing yourself. You will learn how to take care of your body, how to feed your body and brain and with this insight and knowledge you can empower your loved ones.  Be the best version of the beautiful human that you are. 


M.H., Telecom ~ San Diego, CA. 

If it were not for Dr Bates I would not have been able to earn my Black Belt. Thanks Doc!!


I was a 39 year old Family Medicine Resident looking at the "tombstone" heart tracing of a young man close to death. 

The emergency room was crowded with nurses and other doctors placing IV, giving oxygen and drawing blood to save a life.  I was not giving orders this time.  I was the patient headed to the cath lab because I was on the stretcher dying. 

How did I let myself get this way?

I had made mistakes.  I did not listen to what I knew was right.  I thought I could handle the stress, catch up on sleep later, push myself like I always did in Med School. Work more. I thought I had more time. 

I survived.   

I started searching for answers.  I had been training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and wanted to break 3 hours for my 40th Birthday. How could I have a heart attack?  I got strange looks in the cardiologist office since I looked "young and healthy".  Traditional medicine saved my life once I had the heart attack, but ...

What About Preventing the Heart Attack, Stroke, Diabetes or Cancer?!

I don't want you to make the same mistakes I made.  There is so much to live for.

If you can relate, I'd love to help you learn what is best for your body and brain so you can achieve whatever health goals you have using personalized data unique to you.

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Ready To Take Charge of

Your Health?

Your forties and fifties should be the BEST part of your life! You've taken care of everyone else. You're a rock star.  And now it's time you took care of YOU. Learn how to take care of yourself from a place of compassion for your unique self.  End the anxiety and confusion surrounding your health. You just need someone to help you learn. It's absolutely possible. Yes, even for you.

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